MPaCAD 2D drawing and designing program    Finnish          

MPaCAD is easy to use 2D drawing and designing program. Program is very small in size (348 kt). Program operates in Windows. In new 2.0 version there is MPaCad program language.
Program suits as well for designing houses or for designing smaller particles. You can also make documents with this program. You can modify the program to  operate the way you want by changing setup. With the program comes the manual.

NOTICE: It ís recommended to read and print out pictures of how to use keyboard from SYSTEM- directory. Manual and textfile of use of keys can be found in MPaCAD- directory.


Picture 1:  Program is free and you can load it by clicking above picture. NOTICE: See Info.txt when you have loaded. To change to english language press '0'-key, while program is running. Or you run MPaCadEnglish.bat in the directory you loaded the program. 

Updates:      2.3 version     13.4.2009    Adding measures has default snap determined in SETUP-file   
                    2.5 version     10.2.2010    Selection brought by right side button of mouse made smarter
                    2.6  version    24.2.2010    Directory problems in Vista solved
                    2.7 version     15.2.2012    Programming is developed. For programs there own directory (PROGRAMS). Programming for parts is now bossiple.
                                                              Examples of programming increased. Virus protection programs might warn you of loading program, because it is not 
                                                              usually loaded. But you can  pass the warning.
                   2.8 version        6.5.2012    Cursor developed
                   2.10 version      1.3.2013   Command selections improved
                   2.10 version      12.1.2016  Program compiled with Windows XP. NOTICE: look file info.txt in CAD-directory
                   2.11. version    23.5.2018   Notice of possiblity to correct string added 

IMPORTANT: Program is done for Windows XP and in newer versions of Windows
it will not work properly if you don't imitate XP.
Over icon of MPaCad you press right keyboard of mouse:
 - select properties
 - select compatibility
 - select compatibility mode
 - select Windows XP (service pack 2)
 - OK

In Windows 10 it automatically sets the program to operate in XP mode, so don't have to do anything.